Rivers, the coast, mountains and countryside

There are three major mountain rivers (Gaves) in the area- Gave de Pau, Le Saison and Le Gave d’Oloron. All stem from the ice melting in the Pyrenees Mountains (South) and rise in the Easter to impressive heights and speeds- providing a perfect settings for fisherman and summer season rafters.

Within an hour you can drive to some of the most spectacular and beautiful places in Aquitaine and the South West - here are some suggestions:

Visit to Sauveterre (5 minutes by car or cycle in 12 minutes!)

The local town has a 12th C. Church, (above), a famous 11th C. bridge and monastry walls. There are a few basic shops, a helpful tourist office and bank in the square, (Market is Saturday) and a terrific patisserie - best croissant in the area!.

While around 10 km away (see below) the medieval spa town of Salies be Bearn is an enchanting and memorable visit- it has a Casino, Salt (Sal) Spa and many interesting local arts and craft shops and events- Market day is Thursday.

The glorious Pyrenees hills and mountains offer fantastic sights and activities including walking, skiing and beautiful spots for a simple picnic. In the mountains horses and 'Blondes' (cream coloured local cows) wander over the hillsides in mist. Pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostelloin in Spain (this old guy was seen in the nearby Basque town, St.Palais) are a common sight along roads and lanes throughout the region, as are the huge Pyrenees Dogs- famous as mountain guides!.

The Gave de Oloron and Pyrenees Mountains to the South

Bordeaux is just 2 hours away and offers one of France's most elegant and spirited centres.

The beaches of nearby coastal resort of Biarritz and the Palace of Henry IV at the elegent city overlooking the Pyrenees at Pau

Old Oloron mountain town is a short drive East while white water rafting is based in Sauveterre and uses the nearby Gave d'Oloron.

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Directions - printable version
Directions - Printable version